The Wolf Foundation

"I strongly believe that the individual can make a difference and that we have a duty not to leave a legacy of indifference."

Annett Wolf — February 26, 2007

Known for her strong social and environmental commitment, Annett founded the Wolf Foundation in 2000, a non-profit organization providing support and help to maintain the natural balance of the wolf population in North America's Arctic and Sub-Arctic territories.

The Foundation educates and informs the public about issues concerning arctic wolves, and prompts governments to enforce global endangered species policies and statutes to insure ongoing protection of wolves in wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in the Arctic.

In 2006 the Foundation published a comprehensive report on the future sustainability of the Thelon Wildlife Sanctuary in the Northwest Territories. Annett remains devoted to help protect and preserve the arctic and its wildlife.

Photo by Martin Rønne Mydtskov